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Do you also notice that your everyday office life is characterized by stress? My phone is constantly ringing, meetings flood my calendar and my inbox is bursting with emails. Sometimes I wish I had some support, especially when it comes to writing emails.

This is where ChatGPT can serve as a 2024 tool for efficiency – For example, to write an offer for a potential customer.

This tool transforms ideas and information into well-structured texts - I'll show you how it works.
Since using this tool, I have not only saved time efficiently, but also improved my communication with customers and colleagues.

In this article, I would like to show you how artificial intelligence can make your everyday office life easier and how you can use this innovative technology to write emails. I'll go through various scenarios and examples that you can easily follow. So let's get started!

Instructions: How to create emails with the help of ChatGPT

Okay, now that you're interested, let me give you a straightforward step-by-step guide to generating the content of your emails.

Free registration: ChatGPT account

ChatGPT Website

If you do not yet have an account with OpenAI to use ChatGPT, you can create a free account here.

After registering, you can immediately use the automatic text generator and compose an AI email. ChatGPT can ensure that your emails are not only composed, but are also easy to read.

Preparation: Effective ChatGPT prompt for e-mail replies

First you have to create a so-called prompt "Prompt" superior.
What is a prompt? Prompts are tasks/instructions that explain what the AI should do for you.

Make sure to include all important information, such as target group, subject, etc.

Practical example: Simple use of ChatGPT for an e-mail

To give you a better idea, I'll show you a concrete practical example of how you can use ChatGPT to create a
e-mail in the office.

Prompt: "Write an e-mail to Mr. Müller telling him to come to the meeting on August 10 at 11 a.m."

ChatGPT then responds:

Subject: Invitation to the meeting on August 10 at 11 a.m.

Dear Mr. Müller,

I hope you are well.

I would like to invite you to a meeting on August 10 at 11 am. The meeting will take place in our conference room 3. 

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the current progress of the project and plan the next steps. Your participation and expertise are of great importance for the success of the project.

Please make a note of this date and arrive on time. If you are unable to attend on this date, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can find an alternative date.

Thank you in advance for your participation and commitment.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]  
[Your position]  
[Your company]  
[Your contact details]  

Please don't forget to check the text and adjust it if necessary before you send it - because ChatGPT can make mistakes.

Practical example: Extended use of ChatGPT - e-mail management

You can also give more precise instructions, such as:

Prompt: "Write an e-mail to Mr. Müller telling him to come to the meeting on August 10 at 11 am. He should bring the application folder with him. My name is Vanessa and I am the Managing Director of Bravo GmbH. If he has any questions, he can call me."

Here too, the AI follows all the information:

Subject: Invitation to the meeting on August 10 at 11 a.m.

Dear Mr. Müller,

I hope you are well.

I would like to invite you to a meeting on August 10 at 11 am. The meeting will take place in our conference room. I would like to ask you to bring your application folder with you to this meeting.

If you have any questions in advance, you are welcome to contact me by telephone.

Thank you in advance for attending.

Yours sincerely,

Managing Director
Bravo Ltd.

AI can therefore compose emails independently - and thus revolutionize everyday office life.

General prompt template for writing emails

The general template supports the creation of a prompt:

Please help me write an e-mail:

  • Target group: [Describe to whom the email is addressed, e.g. marketing team members, financial services clients, department directors]
  • Subject: [Specify the main purpose or subject of the e-mail, e.g. New project plan for Q3, Important update of your order]
  • Main points:
    1. [List the first important point]
    2. [List Sden second important point]
    3. [Add more points]
  • Additional details: [Further relevant information or context, e.g. background information or relevant history]
  • Call to action: [Describe what action recipients are expected to take, e.g. Please acknowledge receipt of this email by..., Share your feedback by...]
  • Deadlines: [specific dates or times, e.g. June 30, 5:00 p.m.]

Tips: Improving AI texts

Adjust tonality

  • Prompt: Help me to make the following text more friendly/formal:
  • Example: "I need the report by tomorrow."
  • More formal/friendly: "Could you please send me the report by tomorrow? Thank you very much in advance."

Improve clarity and precision

  • Prompt: Can you make this text clearer and more precise?
  • Example: "The report must be ready before the meeting starts."
  • Clearer and more precise: "The report must be completed before the start of the meeting."

Check grammar and spelling

  • Prompt: Please check this text for grammatical and spelling errors:
  • Example: "We need a new concept for the project because the old one isn't working."
  • Corrected text: "We need a new concept for the project because the old one isn't working."

Insert jargon and technical terms

  • Prompt: Add industry-specific jargon or technical terms from the marketing industry to the following text:
  • Example: "We should improve our online advertising to reach more customers."
  • With jargon: "We should optimize our digital marketing strategy to increase customer acquisition."

Add a personal note

  • Prompt: Supplement this text with a personal anecdote or experience on the topic:
  • Example: Topic: Efficiency in the home office
  • Personal touch: "Efficiency in the home office is important to stay productive. When I worked from home last year, I found that regular breaks and a fixed work schedule significantly increased my productivity."

These examples are intended to show how to make specific requests to improve texts in order to achieve the desired results.

The best ChatGPT prompts

I have created a special subpage where you can find the best ChatGPT prompts. Take a look at them here!

ChatGPT AI and data protection

Data protection is of great importance, especially in connection with the use of AI systems such as ChatGPT. It is therefore important to handle sensitive data entered into ChatGPT responsibly.

Personal data, confidential business information or other sensitive data should never be entered thoughtlessly.

Care should always be taken to comply with the data protection guidelines and regulations of both the company and the AI provider in order to ensure the safety of the data subjects.

In case of doubt, it is therefore advisable to refrain from entering sensitive information and to enter more general data instead.

Access GMail with ChatGPT

A third-party extension must be used for this. With the extension "ChatGPT for Gmail" you can use the power of ChatGPT directly in your Gmail inbox. This extension helps you compose emails faster and with higher quality. Here's a quick guide on how to install and use this extension:

  • Open the Chrome Web Store:
  • Search for the extension:
  • Add extension:
    • Click on "Add to Chrome".
    • Confirm the installation by clicking on "Add extension".

Please note: This extension is not from OpenAI or Google.

Advantages of the extension

  • Faster e-mail writing: The plugin helps you to work more efficiently and save time.
  • Improved quality: The AI generates high-quality and professional texts.
  • Free of charge: The extension is free and easy to use.

Summary: Making everyday office life easier with artificial intelligence (AI)

To summarize, ChatGPT is a groundbreaking AI that can simplify everyday office work and make composing and replying to emails more efficient - with the right prompts.

By using the templates and practical tips provided in this article, you can make the most of AI technology for your email correspondence.

Caution: However, it is very important to always protect your data and handle sensitive information with care.

Good luck testing the AI and experiencing the positive changes in your everyday office life!

Frequently asked questions - FAQs

We have now found out that AI is great. Now there may still be a few unanswered questions:

Can ChatGPT compose e-mails?

Yes, ChatGPT can formulate emails using prompts. With suitable specifications, the AI can create well-structured and precise email texts.

Can I use ChatGPT free of charge?

Yes, it is possible to create emails free of charge with the help of this artificial intelligence. However, it should be noted that the quality of the texts generated in the free version may not match the paid version.
You can create a free account here.

How do you write a good email with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT helps you to write effective and professional emails. Here is a short guide on how to write a good email with ChatGPT:
Formulate a clear task (prompt). Example: "Help me write an email." The more specific your prompt is, the better the result.
Let the AI create a suitable subject line and salutation. You can also give specific instructions, such as "The subject line should contain 'Business meeting'."
Give ChatGPT details about the content of the emailsuch as the purpose of the meeting, date, time and location. The tool can structure this information and convert it into a clear, professional text.
Let ChatGPT end the email with a suitable farewellsuch as "Yours sincerely" or "Best regards."
Read through the email created by the AI and make any necessary adjustments. The text generator sometimes makes mistakes or cannot fully understand the context, so it is important to check the email before sending it.
If you are happy with the email created by ChatGPT - great!
If you are not satisfied, give feedback and try again. The AI tool learns over time and gets better with every attempt.

Can ChatGPT also reply to my emails automatically?

Yes, this is possible if it is programmed accordingly. However, this requires additional tools, such as a connection to a Make.com account. This account can automatically scan the emails and forward them to ChatGPT so that they can then be answered automatically.

What is a prompt?

A prompt is an input or request that you give the program so that it responds to it. It can also be referred to as a "task" or "instruction", as you give the program a specific instruction or question to which it should respond.

How does ChatGPT generate e-mail responses?

Think of the AI as a very smart computer friend. If you give it a task, such as replying to an email, this is how it works:
Read e-mail: First, the AI reads the email you have received. It's like your friend reading the letter you showed him.
Think about what to answer: ChatGPT then considers what would be a good answer. It uses all the knowledge it has learned. It's like when your friend remembers what you learned at school and makes the most of it to help you.
Write an answer: A reply will now be written. The tool takes care to be polite and helpful, just as you would with an important message.
Check answer: Sometimes the AI checks the answer again to make sure it makes sense and has no errors. Just like when you re-read your essay before you hand it in.

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