Lucas Kleipödszus | lk media

It is my goal to help people spread their business online.
I support customers with web design, SEO, graphic design and the use of artificial intelligence.

In my free time I like to spend time with my dog. I have been passionate about computers since I was eight years old and spend a lot of time on the PC. So actually ~ 70% from the day. The rest with my girlfriend and outside with the dog.

My “mission”: to pass on my expertise.

About Lucas

Lucas Kleipödszus was born on April 29, 1997 in Rastatt. His passion for technology and his tireless drive to help others grow their business online make him an indispensable partner for companies of all sizes.

Lucas has been fascinated by computers since early childhood. At just eight years old, he started writing programs and designing websites, which laid the foundation for his later career. Today, he uses his in-depth knowledge of web design, SEO, graphic design and artificial intelligence to offer customized digital solutions that optimize his clients' presence on the Internet.

Lucas is the founder of lk media, a company dedicated to the digital success of its customers. Through personal advice and close collaboration, he develops individual strategies that are specifically tailored to the needs and goals of each company. His expertise enables him to offer solutions that not only address current challenges, but also open up future-proof growth opportunities.

Aside from his professional ambitions, Lucas finds balance and inspiration in his free time, which he enjoys spending with his dog. Nature and the joy of spending time together outdoors provide an important counterbalance to his work on the computer. But even there, in the quiet time with his four-legged friend, Lucas' mission to make the world a little brighter and more positive is reflected.

For companies looking to improve their online presence, Lucas not only offers personal advice, but also runs training sessions and workshops tailored to the specific needs of individuals, teams and companies, covering topics such as SEO, web design and digital marketing.


Lucas is a digital growth expert and the founder of lk media. He helps companies be successful online by advising and supporting them in areas such as web design, SEO, graphic design and artificial intelligence.

Lucas specializes in digital growth. He offers comprehensive web design, SEO, graphic design and artificial intelligence services to optimize his clients' digital presence and achieve their goals.

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner for your digital venture or would like to learn more about lk media’s services, you can contact Lucas via the lk media website or send him an email directly.

Yes, Lucas offers personal advice for companies looking to improve their digital presence and succeed online. He works closely with his customers to develop individual solutions and achieve their goals.

Companies of all sizes and industries looking to improve their online presence can benefit from Lucas' services. From small start-ups to established companies, he offers customized solutions for each business.

Yes, Lucas offers training and workshops on topics such as SEO, web design and digital marketing. These can be customized for individuals as well as teams and companies to meet their specific needs.

Lucas has many years of experience in digital growth and founded his company lk media to make his knowledge and skills available to others. His experience and expertise make him a reliable partner for digital projects.

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