Rating Deutsche Glasfaser – Disappointing experience

Hello everyone. I, Lucas from LK Media, depend on a reliable and fast internet connection in order to be able to offer my customers the best service.

The decision to book a fiber optic connection with Deutsche Glasfaser seemed (initially) to be the only option, because the house only has a fiber optic connection installed by Deutsche Glasfaser. However, when we viewed the apartment, the previous tenants warned us:

The connection, which has been booked for 2 years, has not been activated to date (!).

Now I'm writing about our personal experience with Deutsche Glasfaser. In short: I've been disappointed so far. And I'll explain why here.

Important to know

  • Conclusion of contract with DG: 02.05.2024
  • Our move in: on 01.06.2024
  • Previous tenants spent 2 years without internet connection

I tested the connection and tried to set it up - without success. And I didn't get anywhere with the telephone hotline either. My neighbor is in the same situation - only it takes much longer. How can it be that a new building with many tenants has NO internet connection?

Endless waiting times / Unfulfilled promises

Our contract with Deutsche Glasfaser was signed over five weeks ago and to this day our connection has not been activated. Despite numerous calls, emails and complaints, the situation has not improved. Customer service has proven to be ineffective and uncooperative. They refer us to a "special department" and say that everything has already been passed on. But then no one responds.

Another frustrating incident was the communication with the responsible technician. He promised my neighbor that he would come in the week from June 3rd to 7th, but he never showed up. When I asked him via WhatsApp at the end of the week, I only received an evasive answer:

“Hello, I can probably answer that on Monday around noon. Have a nice weekend.” – This answer was anything but helpful. And I was disappointed.

All of the neighbors (except one) have no Internet connection and have had it for two years. So far, only one neighbor (unit 1) has had their connection activated. That is definitely not good service. And it is also annoying that no one comes to activate the connections.

No activation

If I enter the activation code that is displayed via the app, it does not work “Code invalid”
The distribution box is found and I can also access the internal 10.xxx.xxx.xxx network:

No solutions in sight (& alternatives)

The lack of support from Deutsche Glasfaser has forced us to look for alternatives. Not having internet in 2024 is not acceptable. Now we ordered StarlinkWe may bill Deutsche Glasfaser for the costs of this replacement service as they have not fulfilled their contractual obligations and are not offering us any support.

So you have the following alternatives: Starlink (satellite internet), mobile network/O2 Box.

My Trustpilot rating

So I decided to leave a Trustpilot review too:


I wonder why we are treated like this and why the connection is simply not activated technically? I have given the serial number of the Nokia modem several times and was assured that everything would be processed “in a timely manner” by this ominous “specialist department”.


Based on my experience, I cannot recommend Deutsche Glasfaser in general. The communication problems, unfulfilled promises and lack of support make this provider an unreliable choice. For companies and private individuals (or both / self-employed) who rely on a stable and fast internet connection, there are certainly better alternatives.

We will continue to report on our experiences and the results of our legal action on our website LK Media. Stay informed and follow our blog for updates.

your opinion counts

Have you had similar experiences with Deutsche Glasfaser? Or have you had positive experiences with other providers? Share your stories and opinions in the comments. Your experiences can help others make the right decision for their internet provider.

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