Burger King, finally makes 'Plantbased Crispy Chicken'!


Dear Burger King (and Crispy Chicken) fans,

It's time for a change - a change that will delight not only our taste buds, but also our planet. We call on Burger King to finally add 'Plantbased Crispy Chicken' to their menu!

In a world where demand for plant-based alternatives continues to rise, it's time for major chains like Burger King to adapt to the needs of their customers. Veganism and plant-based nutrition are no longer a niche, but a global trend that is changing the eating habits of millions of people.

The call for more plant-based options at Burger King is getting louder and louder. Many of us, especially those committed to a more sustainable diet, are longing for an alternative to classic chicken products, which are often associated with environmental impacts and ethical concerns. The 'Plantbased Crispy Chicken' could be the answer - a delicious, crispy alternative that is free of animal ingredients while offering the familiar taste and texture of a traditional chicken nugget.

Not only would we as consumers benefit, but Burger King itself would also benefit. The introduction of 'Plant-based Crispy Chicken' could be an opportunity to attract new customers and demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and diversity. It would position Burger King as a pioneer in the fast food industry and portray the brand as modern and innovative.

We're ready for Plant-Based Crispy Chicken at Burger King - and we're sure many of you are, too. Let's voice our desire for a more diverse and sustainable menu together. Share this post, let Burger King know we mean business, and let's make a change together!

Check out BurgerMe – they already have it!

You can find it here (click me)

So, Burger King, when are you going to do it? Finally bring the Crispy Chicken into your range as a plant-based version!


When is the Burger King “Plant Based Crispy Chicken” coming?

As of February 2024: So far there is no information about whether and when Burger King will add Plant Based Crispy Chicken to its range.

What alternative remains?

BurgerMe has a burger with a similar composition: the Meatless Crunchy Chicken.

Let's shape the future of fast food together - with 'Plantbased Crispy Chicken' at Burger King!

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