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If you own or run a website, you probably know that loading time is an important factor for online success. But what is this “cache” that everyone is talking about? and why is it so important for your WordPress website?

What is a cache?

Simply put, cache is a memory that caches certain parts of your website to make them accessible more quickly.

Imagine your website is like a book and the cache is a bookmarking feature that allows you to jump directly to the interesting pages without having to start from the beginning each time. This means your website loads faster and your visitors don't have to wait for each page to reload.

But be careful: not all cache plugins are the same. Choosing the right plugin can make a huge difference. A good cache plugin can not only make your website faster, but also reduce the load on your servers and thus improve overall performance. In this article, we will look at the best WordPress cache plugins that will help you get your website running at top speed.

 SG OptimizerWPRocketFlyingPressLiteSpeed Cache
Server-side cachingxx
Object cache integrationxx
Delay JavaScriptx
Remove unused CSSxInlineSeparate fileSeparate file
Critical CSSx
Preload critical imagesxxx
Exclude view images from lazy loadBy class/typeBy class/URLAutomaticallyAutomatically
Lazy load iframesx 
Database cleanupxPartiallyPartially
Planned cleanupsxPartiallyPartially
Heartbeat controlxNoYesYes
Disable REST APIxxYesYes
Browser cachingPartiallyPartiallyPartiallyPartially
Image lazy loadingxPartiallyPartiallyPartially
CSS minificationxYesYes
JavaScript minificationxYesYes
Remove query strings from static resourcesBy file typeAutomaticallyYesYes

#1 – WP Rocket (from $59)

  • Features: WP Rocket offers comprehensive website optimization features including page caching, browser caching, database optimization, lazy load, CSS/JavaScript minification, and more.

  • Advantages and disadvantages:

    • Advantages: Easy to set up, rich features, world-class support.
    • Disadvantages: Chargeable.
  • User friendliness: Very user friendly with intuitive setup and preset options.

  • Pricing: WP Rocket is a premium plugin with various licensing plans.

#2 – WP Fastest Cache (Free)

WP Fastest Cache
    • Features: WP Fastest Cache provides basic caching features such as page caching, browser caching and Gzip compression. It also allows minification of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as combination of CSS/JavaScript files.

    • Advantages and disadvantages:

      • Advantages: Easy to set up, easy to understand interface, free version available.
      • Disadvantages: Not as many advanced features as other premium plugins.
    • User friendliness: Very user friendly with easy setup and clear settings options.

    • Pricing: There is a free version of WP Fastest Cache, but also a paid version with advanced features and premium support. Cost of the premium version: from $49.99 per page

#3 – FlyingPress (from $42)

  • Features: FlyingPress offers intelligent caching features such as automatic page pre-generation, browser caching, lazy loading, and optimization of CSS and JavaScript.

  • Advantages and disadvantages:

    • Advantages: Automatic performance optimization, extensive functions, user-friendly interface.
    • Disadvantages: Paid premium plugin.
  • User friendliness: Easy setup and configuration with intuitive user interface.

  • Pricing: FlyingPress is a premium plugin with various paid license plans.

I am currently using this plugin for and I can say that it is super fast.

#4 – LiteSpeed Cache (Free)

Litespeed cache
  • Features: LiteSpeed Cache offers extensive performance optimizations such as page caching, browser caching, image optimization and more.

  • Advantages and disadvantages:

    • Advantages: Comprehensive features optimized specifically for LiteSpeed Server, free version available.
    • Disadvantages: Some features require LiteSpeed Server.
  • User friendliness: Easy setup and intuitive interface.

  • Pricing: LiteSpeed Cache offers a free version and additional advanced features in the premium version.

Attention: This cache plugin is only worthwhile if the web server is based on Litespeed.

#5 – WP Super Cache (Free)

WP Super Cache
  • Features: Offers static HTML file creation, page compression for faster load times, and CDN support.

  • Advantages: Easy setup, effective caching mechanisms, free.

  • Disadvantages: Fewer advanced features compared to other plugins.

  • User friendliness: Known for easy setup, ideal for beginners.

  • Pricing: Available for free as an open source plugin.

#6 – W3 Total Cache (Free)

W3 Total Cache
  • Features: Extensive optimization functions such as page caching, database caching, browser caching, as well as support for content delivery networks (CDNs) and much more.

  • Advantages: Wide range of optimization functions, improved performance through caching and compression, support for CDNs.

  • Disadvantages: Possibly more complex configuration compared to other plugins, requires some technical understanding.

  • User friendliness: May require a little more technical know-how, but offers plenty of customization options.

  • Pricing: W3 Total Cache is available for free. There is also a premium version. Cost: $99 per year/page.

My own experience – I currently use WP Rocket and FlyingPress

I'll be honest: I had the best experience with WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache and Flyingpress. What impresses me most about Flyingpress is its speed.

Litespeed Cache, on the other hand, I found to be too extensive and actually slowed down my website. Therefore, I cannot recommend Litespeed Cache.

Plugins I haven't tested: W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache. I have researched the information above and am relying on their own information. I can't share any experience with these plugins because I haven't done any.

How were your experiences? Feel free to write them in the comments.

Frequently asked questions

We currently use FlyingPress for the lk-media website and WP Rocket for other sites.

We get along well with both plugins.

I think it depends on the website. In general, you should set each plugin individually. I have the best experience in terms of speed with Flyingpress.

A cache plugin is an essential tool for any WordPress website for several reasons:

  1. Speeding up loading time: A cache plugin caches static versions of your website content so they can load faster. This significantly reduces the loading time of your website, which not only improves the user experience but can also positively influence the ranking in search engines such as Google.
  2. Improve server performance: By reducing requests to the server, a cache plugin can significantly reduce server load. This allows your server to handle a larger number of visitors without affecting performance.
  3. Efficient use of resources: By delivering already generated pages, a cache plugin reduces the need for server resources such as CPU and memory. This allows your hosting provider to free up resources for other processes, thereby increasing the efficiency of your website.
  4. Better SEO ranking: The loading time of a website is an important factor for SEO ranking. Since cache plugins shorten loading time, this can have a positive effect on your website's ranking in search engines.

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