Therefore WordPress: 10 reasons for the top CMS

Introduction to WordPress - Short overview

The website is crucial to the success of any brand, company or project. This is where WordPress comes into play – a content management system (CMS) that is at the top of the popularity list for a reason. Originally started as a simple blogging tool, it has grown into a powerful platform that allows the creation and management of websites of all types and sizes.

But why do millions of users worldwide choose WordPress? The answer lies in a combination of ease of use, flexibility and a range of features that are attractive to both beginners and professional developers.

In this article we discover 10 unbeatable arguments that make WordPress the preferred CMS. From its intuitive interface to powerful SEO support, we dive deep into the features that make WordPress not only the most popular, but also the most effective tool for your online presence.

Ease of use and intuitive operation – Suitable for beginners

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly CMS
WordPress is one of the most user-friendly CMS

One of the main reasons why WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world is because of its user-friendliness and intuitive operation. Even for beginners with no prior technical knowledge, WordPress makes the process of website creation and management accessible and straightforward. Here are some aspects that make WordPress particularly user-friendly:

  • easy installation: Many web hosting providers offer one-click installation of WordPress, making setting up a new website a breeze. You can start designing and creating content within minutes.
  • Intuitive dashboard: After installation, WP welcomes users with a clear and intuitively designed dashboard. From here, all important areas such as posts, pages, menus and settings can be easily navigated.
  • Visual Editor: WordPress visual editor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool that makes content creation and editing easier. Users can format text, insert images, and customize their content in real time without writing a single line of code.
  • Customizable designs: With thousands of free and premium themes, WordPress allows users to quickly change the look of their website without having to know anything about web design. Many of these themes are fully customizable, offering options to change colors, fonts, and layouts with just a few clicks.
  • Expandability through plugins: The functionality of WordPress websites can be expanded through the use of plugins. Whether it's improving SEO, adding contact forms, or integrating social media, there's a plugin for almost every feature you can think of. The best part is that many of these plugins are easy to use for beginners.

This user-centered design has made WordPress the top choice for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and even large companies looking for a reliable, scalable, and accessible solution for their online presence. The combination of simplicity and power makes WP an essential tool in the digital world.

This is what the WordPress BackEnd (the admin area) looks like
This is what the WordPress BackEnd (the admin area) looks like

Flexibility and adaptability

Flexibility and adaptability of WordPress
Flexibility and adaptability of WordPress

WordPress is much more than just a platform for bloggers; it is a comprehensive tool capable of meeting the most diverse web needs. This flexibility makes it an ideal CMS for almost any type of website, be it a personal blog, a large news website, an online store, or even a complex business site. The adaptability of WP lies in a few key aspects:

  • Wide range of applications: From simple information sites to extensive e-commerce platforms, WordPress offers the necessary tools and features to meet a wide range of needs. For example, with WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce solutions, a powerful online shop can be integrated directly into WordPress.
  • Customizable themes: The wide range of themes available allows users to quickly and easily customize the design of their website without having to write any code. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or a rich, multimedia layout, WP has a theme to suit every taste and need.
  • Expandability through plugins: The true strength of the CMS lies in its incredible extensibility. There are thousands of plugins you can use to extend the functionality of your website. From SEO tools to security plugins to social media integrations, the possibilities are almost endless.
  • User roles and permissions: WordPress has a built-in system for managing user roles and permissions that makes it easier to collaborate on a website. This is especially useful for teams working on large projects, as it allows you to set different access rights for authors, editors, and administrators.
  • Multilingual websites: WordPress makes it easy to create multilingual websites. This opens up the opportunity for companies to reach a global audience and offer their content in different languages.

This flexibility and adaptability make WP a solid choice for projects of any size. By supporting simple customization for beginners as well as more in-depth development for professionals, WordPress remains a leading CMS that meets the needs of an ever-changing digital landscape.

A huge selection of themes and plugins

A huge selection of themes and plugins
A huge selection of themes and plugins

One of the outstanding strengths of WordPress is the almost endless variety of themes and plugins available to users. These resources are critical to the design, functionality, and extensibility of any WordPress website. Here's a deeper look into both aspects:

  • Themes for every taste: With thousands of themes available, WordPress offers an impressive range of design options. These range from simple and minimalistic layouts to complex and highly customizable designs. Whether you want to design a personal blog site, a portfolio, a business website, or an online store, there is sure to be a theme that suits your needs. Many themes also offer responsive designs, ensuring your website looks good on all devices.
  • Plugins that add any feature: With over 58,000 plugins available, WordPress allows its users to add almost any feature imaginable to their website. From SEO optimization and social media integration to security measures and speed optimizations, there is a solution for every challenge. Plugins like Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, and WooCommerce are just a few examples of the tools that can help you improve your website and customize it to your specific needs.

The combination of an extensive theme selection and the abundance of available plugins makes WP an exceptionally adaptable CMS. This flexibility allows users to turn their vision into reality without in-depth technical knowledge. In addition, the active developer and designer community constantly provides new, innovative solutions that enrich and further develop the WP ecosystem.

This huge selection of themes and plugins allows users to constantly expand and improve their websites to meet the changing needs of the digital market. WP is not just a platform, but a dynamic tool that keeps pace with your growth and ambitions.



In today's digital landscape, search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to a website's visibility and success. WP understands the importance of SEO and offers numerous built-in features and plugins to make websites search engine friendly. Here are some aspects that make WordPress particularly strong when it comes to SEO:

  • Clean code: WordPress generates clean, standards-compliant HTML code that is easy to read and index by search engines. This is a fundamental requirement for good SEO performance.
  • SEO friendly URL structures: Custom URL structures (permalinks) that are optimized not only for user-friendliness but also for search engines. Clear and descriptive URLs significantly improve a website’s ranking.
  • Title tags and meta descriptions: Plugins like Yoast SEO allow users to easily customize title tags and meta descriptions for pages and posts. These elements are crucial for search engine optimization because they describe the content of a page and appear in search results.
  • Optimization for mobile devices: With the advent of the mobile internet, search engines prioritize websites that are mobile-friendly. Most WordPress themes are responsive and automatically adjust to different screen sizes, improving mobile SEO.
  • Fast loading times: The speed of a website is an important factor in ranking in search engines. WordPress offers several ways to optimize a website's load time, including image compression, caching, and minifying CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Integrated XML sitemaps: WordPress automatically generates XML sitemaps that help search engines understand the structure of a website and efficiently crawl and index all pages.

These SEO features, along with the wide selection of SEO plugins, make WordPress one of the best platforms for optimizing your online presence. Whether you're an SEO newbie or a seasoned specialist, WordPress offers the tools and resources to get your website to the first page of search results.

Robust community support

Robust community support
Robust community support

A key factor that sets WordPress apart from other CMSs is its vibrant and engaged community. This global community of developers, designers, bloggers and website owners makes WP a dynamic and constantly evolving ecosystem. Robust community support offers numerous benefits:

  • Extensive documentation and learning resources: Whether you're new to WordPress or looking to expand your skills, the community has provided a wealth of guides, tutorials, and forum posts. These resources cover everything from the basics of website creation to advanced development techniques.
  • Free and Premium Support: In addition to the free resources available, there are also professional services and support offerings. Many theme and plugin developers offer dedicated support to address specific questions or issues.
  • Regular meetups and WordCamps: Events are regularly organized around the world where WP users can meet in person, exchange knowledge and network. These events range from local meetups to international WordCamps.
  • An open ear for user feedback: The WP community is known for taking user feedback seriously. Suggestions and feedback from the community often directly contribute to new features and improvements in WordPress.
  • Security updates and patches: Thanks to the active community, security gaps are quickly identified and fixed. Regular updates ensure WP websites stay protected.

This robust support makes WordPress not only a user-friendly and versatile platform, but also a safe choice for websites of all sizes. The community behind WordPress is a living example of how open source projects can thrive through collaborative efforts.

Free and open source software

WordPress is open source software
WordPress is open source software

A key advantage is that it is available as free and open source software. This offers a number of significant benefits for users and developers worldwide:

  • No royalties: WordPress is free to download, install and use. This makes it an accessible option for individuals and businesses of all sizes, from small blogs to large corporate websites.
  • Transparency and customizability: As open source software, WordPress' source code is accessible to anyone and can be customized as needed. This allows a high level of flexibility and control over the website that is not possible with proprietary CMS solutions.
  • An active developer community: The open source nature of WordPress fosters an active and engaged developer community. This community regularly contributes to improving the software by developing new features, fixing bugs, and providing security updates.
  • Independence and property: With WordPress, users have full control over their website and its data. Unlike many hosted platforms, there are no restrictions on use or access to the website.
  • A wide range of resources: Thanks to the popularity of WordPress, there are a wealth of resources including themes, plugins, and tutorials that make creating and managing a website easier.

The free and open-source nature of WordPress not only makes it a cost-effective solution for website building, but also promotes innovation and freedom in web design and development by giving users and developers the opportunity to contribute to the software and changing them, WordPress remains a living and constantly evolving tool for digital creation.

Security and reliability

WordPress security
WordPress is one of the most secure CMS around.

At a time when cyber security is of utmost importance, WordPress offers robust security features and practices to protect websites. The platform is regularly updated to close security gaps and ensure protection against the latest threats.

Here are some key aspects that make WordPress stand out when it comes to security and reliability:

  • Regular updates and patches: WordPress regularly releases updates that contain security patches to address known vulnerabilities. This proactive attitude helps keep websites secure.
  • Strong community monitoring: The WordPress community plays a critical role in identifying and reporting security issues. This collective vigilance strengthens the security of all WordPress websites.
  • Advanced security plugins: A variety of security plugins are available to provide additional protection to WordPress websites. These plugins offer features such as firewall protection, malware scanning, and brute force attack defense.
  • Website security best practices: WordPress promotes security best practices among its users, including using strong passwords, limiting login attempts, and regularly backing up website data.
  • SSL/TLS support: WordPress makes it easy to implement SSL/TLS certificates, which ensure an encrypted connection between web servers and browsers. This is especially important for e-commerce websites and any sites that handle sensitive information.

Thanks to these measures, WordPress websites enjoy a high level of security and reliability, making them attractive to companies and individuals looking to build a robust online presence.

Easy integration (with other software & tools)

WordPress integrations
WordPress integrations

Another key point that sets WordPress apart from other content management systems is its exceptional ability to seamlessly integrate with a variety of other services and tools. These integrations extend your website's functionality and improve user experience without the need for complicated customizations. Some examples:

  • Social media: WP provides effortless integration with social media platforms, making content easy to share and encouraging social interaction.
  • Email marketing tools: Connecting your WordPress website with email marketing services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact will help you effectively manage email lists and optimize your marketing strategy.
  • E-commerce platforms: By integrating with WooCommerce or other eCommerce solutions, WordPress can be expanded into a powerful online store that supports a wide range of payment gateways and product management features.
  • Analysis tools: Integration with Google Analytics or other analytics tools allows you to monitor traffic and user behavior on your website, which is crucial for optimizing your content and strategies.

These and many other integrations make WP an extremely flexible CMS that can adapt to the needs and requirements of any website.

Constant development and updates

The dynamics of the Internet require that software solutions do not remain static, but are continually developed further. WordPress is characterized by its constant development and regular updates that ensure it keeps pace with changing web standards and user needs. These updates include:

  • Security updates: To protect the websites from new threats, security updates are regularly provided.
  • Feature updates: New features and improvements are continually added to increase the usability and performance of WordPress.
  • Compatibility updates: To ensure that WP remains compatible with the latest versions of PHP, JavaScript, and other web technologies, compatibility updates are performed regularly.

This ongoing investment in development and improvement makes WP a future-proof platform, ready to meet the needs of modern websites.

Conclusion – That’s why WordPress is the best CMS for me

Over the last few years, WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging tool into one of the most powerful and popular content management systems in the world.

Ease of use, flexibility and an unmatched selection of themes and plugins make the CMS the first choice for website developers and companies of all sizes. Through its SEO-friendliness, WP actively supports its users' success in the digital space, while its robust community and open-source nature ensure continuous innovation and support. Security features and regular updates ensure that websites are not only beautiful and functional, but also secure. This combination of features makes WP an unbeatable tool in the digital landscape, ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Whether you're just starting out or an experienced developer, WP offers the tools and resources you need to bring your vision to life online.

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