The Importance of Ratings/Reviews for Local SEO


This post explains the essential importance of customer ratings and reviews for local search engine optimization (SEO). We show how these reviews influence the ranking of companies in local search results and why they are important for small and medium-sized businesses.

That’s why reviews are important

  1. Building trust: Customer reviews serve as a trust signal for potential customers. Positive reviews reinforce trust in the company and its products or services.
  2. Improved ranking: Search engines like Google take customer reviews into account when determining the ranking of businesses in local search results. Businesses with many positive reviews tend to rank better.
  3. Customer loyalty: The ability to leave reviews allows customers to feel heard and build an emotional connection with the company. This can strengthen customer retention and loyalty.
  4. Customer feedback: Reviews provide valuable feedback directly from customers that can help companies continuously improve their products, services and customer service.
  5. Competitive advantage: Companies with a large number of positive reviews have a clear competitive advantage over those with fewer or no reviews. They are more likely to convince potential customers.

Checklist for customer reviews:

  • Actively ask customers for reviews. ✅
  • Make sure your reviews are visible on different platforms. ✅
  • Respond professionally to all reviews, especially negative ones. ✅
  • Offer incentives for leaving reviews, e.g. B. Discounts or vouchers. ✅
  • Regularly monitor your reviews and use the feedback to improve your products and services. ✅

Do positive reviews affect ranking in local search results?

Yes, positive reviews have a demonstrable impact on ranking in local search results. Search engine algorithms take the number and quality of reviews into account when deciding which businesses to show favorably in local search results. Businesses with a higher number of positive reviews tend to have better rankings in search results, resulting in increased visibility and potential for customers. Therefore, it is crucial for local businesses to actively promote and manage positive customer reviews to improve their search engine rankings.

Example: Search query “hairdresser Rastatt”

Search query: Hairdresser Rastatt
Search query: Hairdresser Rastatt

Here we see an example: We looked for hairdressers in Rastatt and those with the best ratings appear first.

To appear in such a list, you must Create a Google MyBusiness entry. We have written instructions for this:

Receive positive customer reviews: Here's how

There are several strategies to actively encourage customer reviews to increase customer engagement:

  1. Reminder emails: Send a reminder email after a purchase or service asking for a review. A friendly reminder can encourage customers to share their experiences.
  2. Offer incentives: Offer your customers incentives to leave reviews, such as exclusive discounts or coupons for future purchases.
  3. Evaluation forms on the website: Incorporate simple review forms on your website to make it easier for customers to leave feedback.
  4. Use social media: Use your social media platforms to encourage customers to leave reviews. Publish posts asking for feedback and link directly to review platforms.
  5. Personal speech: Speak to your customers personally and ask them for a review. A personal approach can increase the likelihood that customers will leave a review.

Effects of improved online visibility on local rankings

Improved online visibility has a direct impact on a company's local ranking in search engines. Through positive customer reviews and an increased number of reviews, a business can increase its visibility in local search results. A higher ranking in search results leads to more attention from potential customers and therefore increased traffic to the website. This can ultimately lead to an increase in sales and business success.

Conclusion: The lasting importance of reviews for local SEO

Overall, it can be seen that customer reviews have a fundamental importance for the local SEO of companies. They are instrumental in increasing customer trust, increasing the company's visibility online and improving rankings in local search engine results. It is therefore extremely important for local companies to actively promote and manage customer reviews in order to be successful in the long term and to be able to assert themselves in a highly competitive market.

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