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Through targeted SEO optimization, I help companies to strengthen their online presence and generate organic traffic. As an experienced SEO Freelancer I am happy to help you achieve your goals and successfully position your company in the digital space.

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Local SEO


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What is Local SEO? (Definition)

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy that involves optimizing your website and business to be found more easily in search results on search engines like Google. When potential customers in your area are searching for products or services that you offer, Local SEO is designed to ensure that your website appears at the top of the search results.

This is how local SEO works

  • Optimizing the website for local keywords and location data
  • Maintaining and updating the Google My Business listing
  • Obtaining high-quality backlinks from local sources
  • Creating high-quality and relevant content for local audiences
  • Active collection of positive reviews from satisfied customers
  • Goal: Strengthen local presence and improve findability in local search results.

Can you do local SEO yourself?

Yes, in principle it is possible to implement local SEO on your own. There are numerous resources and guides that can help. However, a specialist has the expertise and experience to make the optimization more effective. As an expert, I am happy to advise you and support you in implementing your local SEO strategy.

Google My Business

Local SEO – How to get well listed (Google My Business)

Hi everyone. In today's digital world, it is crucial for small to medium-sized businesses to be found online. One effective way to improve online visibility is to implement a solid SEO strategy. In this guide, we will walk you through the most important SEO measures that local businesses can take to get found in local

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Comprehensive guide: Local SEO – How to get well listed.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the key steps you can take to help local businesses stand out in local search results. At a time when customers are increasingly searching for the best providers in their region, it is crucial to have an online presence and visibility.

We will give you detailed insights into the importance of local SEO and show you practical tips and strategies to optimize your online presence in local search results. From how Google Search works to how to effectively use Google My Business, we'll walk you through all the important steps to successfully get your business on the local search map.

In particular, we'll look at how you can use Google My Business to improve your rankings.

In this guide, I share my proven local SEO tips and strategies for free to be successful locally and improve your rankings.

Frequently asked questions about local SEO

Local SEO refers to optimizing your online presence to be better found in local search results. This is especially important for companies that sell their products or services to local customers. Through local SEO you can increase your visibility in your immediate area and address potential customers more specifically.

Ranking in local search results is influenced by various factors, including the relevance of the search query to the business, the proximity of the user to the business, the quality and completeness of the Google My Business listing, and the authority and relevance of the business's website.

To improve your local visibility, you should use local keywords that are related to your business and region. It's also important to optimize your Google My Business listing, build quality backlinks, collect reviews, and regularly publish relevant content.

Google My Business is a crucial tool for local SEO because it allows businesses to display their information such as address, phone number, opening hours and reviews directly in Google search results and on Google Maps. A fully optimized Google My Business listing can help increase your business visibility and attract potential customers.

Local SEO should be considered an integral part of your marketing strategy. This includes using local keywords in your website content, maintaining a complete and up-to-date Google My Business listing, optimizing your website for local searches, and being actively involved in local online communities and directories.

A professional SEO Freelancer has the specialist knowledge and experience to effectively plan and implement your local SEO strategy. By working with an expert, you can ensure your local presence is optimal and you get the best possible results.

The costs for local SEO can vary greatly depending on the provider and the scope of the services. My hourly rate is €70 for local SEO.


In general, some SEO agencies or freelancers charge significantly higher prices for their services. Depending on the agency and scope of services, these can amount to several hundred to several thousand euros per month. It is advisable to compare different offers and ensure that the costs are proportional to the expected benefits and your company's budget.

Free initial consultation

I would be happy to offer you a free initial consultation to discuss your goals and requirements and see how I can help you improve your online presence and drive more organic traffic to your website. Simply contact me to make an appointment and take the first step towards a successful SEO strategy for your website.

I am Lucas

since 2013 SEO Freelancer

My name is Lucas and I have been working as an SEO freelancer since 2013. Since then I have specialized in optimizing websites for search engines. As a local SEO expert, I am at your side to specifically optimize your website and increase your conversion rate - ideally in close collaboration with you. In my role as a self-employed SEO expert, I take care of technical aspects, on-page optimization and outreach campaigns to ensure that your website is placed prominently in local search results and that you can benefit from higher traffic and increased visibility.


Customer opinions

That’s why you should have local SEO carried out by a specialist

1. Local SEO: The Importance for Businesses

Local SEO is crucial for businesses today. In a world where most consumers search for products and services online, it is essential that businesses rank well in local search results. Local SEO allows companies to increase their visibility in their immediate area and target potential customers.

2. Why Local SEO Should Be a Priority

The importance of local SEO as a marketing strategy cannot be overemphasized. Studies show that a significant number of search queries are locally oriented. By making local SEO a priority, businesses can ensure they are present at the crucial moments when potential customers are looking for local products or services.

3. The benefits of a strong local presence

A strong local presence brings a variety of benefits. These include improved visibility in local search results, better positioning against local competitors, increased customer trust and an increased likelihood of attracting local customers. By practicing local SEO, companies can grow their businesses in an effective and sustainable way.

4. Key Strategies for Successful Local SEO

To do local SEO successfully, companies must implement a number of key strategies. This includes optimizing their Google My Business listing, using local keywords in their website content, building quality backlinks from local sources, and regularly maintaining and updating their online presence. By implementing these strategies, businesses can ensure they rank well in local search results and effectively target potential customers.

I am happy to work according to an individual offer

How much does local SEO cost? The cost of local SEO varies depending on the scope of the work, the specific needs of your business and the complexity of your objectives. Typically, SEO agencies or freelancers charge a monthly fee for their services.

Tools to perform local SEO (which I use among others)

Google My Business

Google My Business

Google My Business is an essential tool for companies looking to do Local SEO, especially for local businesses. It is highly recommended and very user-friendly. Google My Business allows businesses to improve their local presence by having their information displayed in Google search results and on Google Maps. By maintaining a complete and attractive Google My Business listing, businesses can provide potential customers with important information such as location, opening hours and how to contact them, which greatly improves discoverability and customer loyalty. In short, Google My Business is a must-have for any local business looking to take their Local SEO to the next level.

Google Analytics logo

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful analytics tool that not only monitors website traffic but can also be used to analyze local SEO. It provides key insights into the site's performance in local search results, including local visitor numbers, pages visited, time spent, and actions. This data helps to understand the effectiveness of the local SEO strategy and take measures to strengthen the local presence.

Ahrefs logo


Ahrefs offers dedicated tools and features for local SEO to help website owners analyze and improve their pages in local search results. Key features include analyzing local backlinks, researching local keywords, and monitoring local search results. With Ahrefs, companies can gain valuable insights to optimize their local SEO strategy and increase their visibility in local search results.

SemRush logo


SEMrush is a versatile SEO tool that not only supports general search engine optimization, but is also specifically suitable for local SEO. With SEMrush, website owners can analyze and improve the performance of their website in local search results. The platform offers features such as exploring local search terms, monitoring local search results, identifying local competitors, and analyzing local backlinks. Through SEMrush's diverse capabilities, you can gain important insights to improve your local SEO strategy and strengthen your local presence.

Become #1 locally – how does it work?

Local SEO

The reality is: There is no guarantee. Almost half of all search queries have local intent. Local SEO includes all strategies and measures to ensure that your website appears prominently in the results of local searches. By investing in optimizing your website for local keywords and location data, you can ensure that potential customers in your area can easily find you and increase your local visibility.

As a local SEO freelancer, I am at your side to get your company into the top 10 of local search results. I will help you strengthen your local presence and reach more customers in your area.

That's why I'm the right choice as an SEO freelancer

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