Is ImmoScout MietenPlus worth it? – Experience report

Hello everyone. My girlfriend and I booked ImmoScout Plus (MieterPlus) and tested it for a few days.
Today we will give you our conclusion and show you whether ImmoScout MietenPlus is worth it for you – or not.

Please note that this is our personal experience – and everyone may have different experiences.

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What is ImmoScout TenantPlus?

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The housing market is highly competitive. ImmoScout Plus, also known as TenantPlus, is a paid service for apartment seekers that aims to simplify and improve the process of finding and applying for housing.

Some advantages and functions are intended to give users an advantage in the often tense housing market. Here are the key benefits and features that TenantPlus offers its subscribers:

  1. Your contact request is always at the top of the provider’s inbox

  2. Exclusive ads with early contact: TenantPlus members receive access to exclusive real estate advertisements before they are made available to the general public = early contact with providers and thus a head start over other interested parties.

  3. Find out additional information and identify opportunities: The service provides additional information about the housing offers and makes it possible to better assess the chances of success when applying.

  4. A current credit report every month: A credit report is often a decisive factor when applying for an apartment. TenantPlus members receive current credit reports every month.

  5. Professional applicant folder in digital form: MieterPlus supports the creation of a professional digital applicant folder, which can include the following documents:

    • Rent payment confirmation: Proof of timely rental payments in the past.
    • Proof of income: Documents that prove your income and underline your financial reliability.
Immobilienscout24 presents the package like this
Immobilienscout24 presents the package like this

In summary, MieterPlus offers a service that not only makes the search for and application for an apartment easier, but also significantly increases the chances of success can. By prioritizing contact requests (message always at the top), exclusive access to advertisements, valuable additional information, the provision of current credit reports and a professional digital applicant folder, tenants plus users receive some clear advantages on the housing market.

But is ImmoScout MietenPlus actually worth it?

That's why we booked the package

My partner & I are looking for an apartment. We came across one that only accepts messages from tenants plus members.

Our search led us to a particularly attractive apartment that seemed to offer exactly what we were looking for: ideal location, perfect size and within our budget. However, there was one hurdle - the opportunity to contact the provider was exclusively limited to TenantPlus members.

This limitation put us in a position where we had to make an important decision. The housing market doesn't wait, and any delay could mean we miss out on our dream home.

After thinking about and weighing up the advantages of tenantPlus, we decided to book the service.


We thought that was good 👍

One of the most striking advantages was the ability to see how many inquiries an advertisement had already received. This transparency gave us valuable insights into the popularity and therefore the competition for certain apartments. It allowed us to tailor our search strategy and focus our efforts on listings where our chances were more realistic.

Another plus point was that Application folderthat we were able to create through TenantPlus. This digital folder, including confirmation of rent payment and proof of income, made it possible for us to stand out from other applicants and present landlords with a structured and convincing overview of our reliability and financial stability.

The advantage of ours was also not to be underestimated Schufa score can be calculated monthly. Ensuring that our financial situation is up to date and transparent to potential landlords was a crucial factor that strengthened our position as applicants.

We thought that was bad ❌

Despite the obvious benefits that TenantPlus brings, we encountered a key problem that dampened our initial enthusiasm. In short, despite prioritizing our requests and taking advantage of all exclusive features, The response from providers was disappointingly low. Many landlords or real estate agents to whom we sent our applications did not respond at all to our attempts to contact them. This experience was repeated for a large number of advertisements, which led us to the sobering realization that in most cases the status as a tenantPlus member did not make a noticeable difference.

In what felt like 99% cases, it seemed as if our membership and the associated benefits had no influence on the providers' decisions. Although we were able to put our inquiries at the top of your inbox through TenantPlus, it didn't have the desired effect. This discrepancy between the expected benefits of membership and the real experience in the housing market led to some frustration and questioned the value of investing in the service.

Conclusion – Is TenantPlus worth it?

In our case, ImmoScout MietenPlus was not worth it. But that doesn't mean that the package is bad in principle. Everyone has their own experiences.

Our experience shows that although TenantPlus offers many helpful functions, the success of your apartment search depends on many factors that are beyond your own control: The willingness of providers to respond to inquiries and to give TenantPlus members preferential treatment is not guaranteed.

This insight is essential for future users of the service who may have similarly high expectations of the effectiveness of their membership.

After we realized that MieterPlus did not meet our expectations, we made use of the right of withdrawal. This process went really smoothly and the remaining money was refunded to us immediately.

Despite our disappointment with the effectiveness of the service, this customer service experience was positive.

FAQ about ImmoScout Plus (MieterPlus) ❓

ImmoScout Plus (or tenantPlus) is a paid service for apartment seekers that aims to simplify the process of finding and applying for an apartment. The service offers exclusive benefits and functions, such as prioritization of contact requests, access to exclusive real estate advertisements, additional information about apartment offers, monthly credit reports, and a professional digital applicant folder.

TenantPlus is aimed at apartment hunters who want to get a head start on the highly competitive housing market. Especially for those who want to find an apartment in a quick and efficient way and are willing to pay for additional services.

The exclusive functions of TenantPlus, such as viewing the number of inquiries for an advertisement and the professional application folder, were rated positively. They offer valuable insights and help you stand out from other applicants in the application process.

The biggest problem was the disappointingly low response from providers, despite using all of the exclusive features of MietPlus. Many landlords or agents did not respond to attempts to contact them, calling into question the expected benefit of membership.

Based on the author's personal experience Membership with TenantPlus is not necessarily worth it. Although the service offers helpful tools and services, success depends heavily on the willingness of providers to respond to requests and give preferential treatment to tenants plus members, which is not guaranteed.

Yes, the author made use of the withdrawal period and the process went smoothly. The remaining money was promptly refunded, indicating positive customer service, even if the effectiveness of the service itself was perceived as disappointing.

How were your experiences? Feel free to write it to us in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for the experience 🙂 ! That gives a really good impression of what you get. I also tested it and canceled it (within the cancellation period). Unfortunately it wasn't worth it for us and we were more disappointed than happy. But everyone has different experiences.

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