(Free) alternative for LexOffice/SevDesk

Two years ago I took out a membership for Sevdesk - and have used it intensively. However, I canceled this and am now using a different tool. Today I'm introducing you to the alternative to LexOffice & SevDesk: Stripe

I would like to point out briefly that this is not intended to be an advertisement – but rather a report of my experience.
I do not earn any money from this post.

What is Stripe?

This is what the Stripe interface looks like

This is what Stripe’s user interface looks like – simple & clear

Stripe is (actually) a payment service provider that not only offers transaction processing but also invoice creation functions. And writing invoices works quickly and really well. As an alternative to traditional invoicing programs such as LexOffice and SevDesk, Stripe is becoming increasingly popular and works without any extra costs (apart from the transaction costs).

Click here to go to Stripe's website


Here you can see what Stripe offers: You can use it to write offers and invoices. Click on Invoices to create an invoice. There you then enter the necessary information (such as your customer's email address) and Stripe then sends the invoice to the customer. The biggest advantage here: Stripe offers everything in one, so the customer can open the payment link directly in the email and pay the invoice quickly.

Benefits of Stripe

  1. Easy invoicing: Stripe makes it very easy to create offers and invoices.
  2. Convenient shipping: Invoices can be created and sent directly to customers with just a few clicks.
  3. Quick payment: Customers can pay invoices directly via the payment link in the email, resulting in quick processing.
  4. user friendliness: The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, both for companies and customers.
  5. Customization options: Invoices can be flexibly adapted to individual company requirements and your own branding.
  6. Real-time monitoring: Companies have access to current information about the payment status of their invoices at any time.
  7. Security and reliability: Stripe offers high security standards and reliable payment processing, which increases customer trust.
  8. Cost savings: Compared to dedicated invoicing programs, companies can save costs by using Stripe because there are no additional subscription fees.
  9. Integrations: Stripe offers a variety of integrations with other tools and platforms to further extend and improve functionality.

Instructions: Create an invoice with Stripe

  1. Register with Stripe: Click here to go to Stripe's website
  2. Activation of invoice creation: Log in to your Stripe dashboard and enable the invoicing feature.
  3. Enter customer details: Click “Create New Invoice” and enter the required information such as customer name and email address.
  4. Add products/services: Add the items to be invoiced, including description, price and quantity (+ tax).
  5. Adjustment of the invoice: Customize the layout, add your logo, and use custom fields if necessary.
  6. Preview and review: Check the invoice carefully and use the preview option to make sure everything is correct.
  7. Send invoice: Send the invoice to the customer by clicking “Send”. The customer receives the invoice by email with a payment link.
  8. Monitoring payment status: Keep an eye on payment status in the dashboard to track payment receipts and identify outstanding payments.

The only disadvantage: You cannot send invoices by post, but “only” by email. However, that should be enough.

Conclusion: Stripe is awesome

I have found Stripe to be an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional invoicing programs that has saved me time and money. I will expand on this post in the future.

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