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Rating Deutsche Glasfaser – Disappointing experience

Hello everyone. I, Lucas from LK Media, depend on a reliable and fast internet connection in order to be able to offer my customers the best service. The decision to book a fiber optic connection from Deutsche Glasfaser seemed (initially) to be the only option, as the house only had a fiber optic connection installed by Deutsche Glasfaser. When we viewed the apartment, we […]

Self-employment in Germany is complicated

Taking the step into self-employment in Germany can be an intimidating experience. Many aspiring entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed, inadequately supported and thrown into a complex system without sufficient guidance. I, Lucas, would like to explain here why self-employment in Germany is so challenging and what obstacles prevent many from taking this path. Self-employment The

From Exhausted to Focused: A Guide to Overcoming Constant Fatigue.

Do you find yourself constantly battling a feeling of fatigue no matter how much rest you get? You are not alone. Many people struggle with persistent fatigue that can seem insurmountable and impacts daily activities and reduces quality of life. From Exhausted to Focused is your comprehensive guide to understanding and overcoming constant fatigue.

Nato Alphabet (ICAO Alphabet) Learning Aid

The NATO alphabet, also known as the ICAO alphabet, is a standardized phonetic alphabet used by NATO. It aids in clear and precise communication of letters, especially over radio or telephone. NATO/ICAO Alphabet List Here you will find a comprehensive list of all the words in the NATO alphabet to help you learn: Interactive Learning Guide Click

Danger! PayPal account blocked. What to do?

Hello everyone - this is an experience report on account blocking at PayPal In the recent past, I was confronted with three blockings of our PayPal account - twice due to alleged violations of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and once with prior notice. In this post I share my experiences with the process, how I went about it and


Burger King, finally makes 'Plantbased Crispy Chicken'!

Dear Burger King (and Crispy Chicken) fans, It's time for a change - a change that will not only please our taste buds, but also our planet. We call on Burger King to finally add 'Plantbased Crispy Chicken' to their menu! In a world where the demand for plant-based alternatives is increasing inexorably,

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