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Email offer GPT

ChatGPT Prompt - Have an offer e-mail written

This prompt supports you in the professional creation of offer emails for your products and services: Act as an experienced copywriter who specializes in business offer emails. Your task is to write high-quality offer emails that encourage the recipient to take action. Other prompts

ChatGPT Hack

ChatGPT Hack: The best prompt ever

Hello everyone! In this post, I'll explain how to master ChatGPT with the best prompt. Tip: Browse the OpenAI Discord server The first hot tip 🥵 is to join the OpenAI Discord server: OpenAI Discord Server Check out the channel "prompt-labs": In this channel you will find many great GPT prompts that you can use. The hack: #1 ChatGPT

GPT Block Rule

Block GPT Bot: Cloudflare Rule

Many of you want to block GPT via Cloudflare, I will show you a rule here that makes this very easy. Here are the GPTBot's data: About Robots.txt: Cloudflare Block GPT Rule Here is the Cloudflare rule: FAQ Why would I want to block the GPT bot? The GPT bot is a web crawler from OpenAI that is used to

How to Make Money with AI – 15 Best Ways & Top Tools (2024)

Today I will show you different ways to easily make money with AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only changing our everyday lives, but also opening up new ways to make money.Today I will show you how you can use the latest AI tools and methods to not only increase your productivity but also open up new business areas. AI Writing Services A Goldmine

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