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Lucas is the operator of the website He writes about all topics related to marketing, SEO and web design.

Self-employment in Germany is complicated

Taking the step into self-employment in Germany can be an intimidating experience. Many aspiring entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed, inadequately supported and thrown into a complex system without sufficient guidance. I, Lucas, would like to explain here why self-employment in Germany is so challenging and what obstacles prevent many from taking this path. Self-employment The […]

Freelancer vs. Agency: The Ultimate Comparison

Hello everyone. Many companies are thinking about whether to hire a freelancer or an agency. Both options have their own advantages and challenges, and the choice depends on various factors, including budget, project scope, and specific requirements. In this article, we will highlight the key differences between freelancers and agencies to help you

WordPress user roles – All at a glance

Comparison table Authorization Administrator Editor Author Employee Subscriber Create posts ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Edit posts (own) ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Edit posts (others) ✓ ✓ Publish posts ✓ ✓ ✓ Delete posts (own) ✓ ✓ ✓ Delete posts (others) ✓ ✓ Create and edit pages ✓ ✓ Delete pages ✓ ✓ Manage categories and tags Website Screenshot

The best & fastest WordPress hosting: (Review) Hello everyone. Finding the right WordPress hosting is difficult. I know what I'm talking about. I've been running WordPress sites since 2014 (I started with a homepage for FC Rastatt 04). That was over 10 years ago. And since then I (my company) have been a customer of numerous web hosting companies like IONOS

CLS Issue – Astra Theme Header (Fix)

In this post I would like to publish how I fixed the CLS problem with the header of Astra Theme. I use Astra on many of my websites, including the gaming website Before the fix Here in the GTMetrix test you can clearly see that the CLS value is very high (0.43). And this is what it looked like

GPT Block Rule

Block GPT Bot: Cloudflare Rule

Many of you want to block GPT via Cloudflare, I will show you a rule here that makes this very easy. Here are the GPTBot's data: About Robots.txt: Cloudflare Block GPT Rule Here is the Cloudflare rule: FAQ Why would I want to block the GPT bot? The GPT bot is a web crawler from OpenAI that is used to

Become a media designer – Media designer Digital&Print

Digital media dominates today's society. This is shown by a study by Statista. Creative media designers are not only responsible for the design of appealing visual content, but also for the technical implementation of a wide variety of media projects. Their field of activity ranges from designing flyers and posters to the conception of extensive advertising campaigns and music videos. But what exactly does

Change WordPress theme

Change WordPress theme (without damaging the website)

Changing a WordPress theme can be a refreshing change for any website, but it also carries risks if not done carefully. The reasons for changing a theme can be varied. But regardless of the reason, it is crucial to approach this process with caution to prevent your website from being damaged. In this article, we will

From Exhausted to Focused: A Guide to Overcoming Constant Fatigue.

Do you find yourself constantly battling a feeling of fatigue no matter how much rest you get? You are not alone. Many people struggle with persistent fatigue that can seem insurmountable and impacts daily activities and reduces quality of life. From Exhausted to Focused is your comprehensive guide to understanding and overcoming constant fatigue.

YouTube Success: 4 Key Elements and Common Mistakes

YouTube is not only a platform for fun, but also an important place for advertising and self-promotion. With over two billion users per month, it offers an ideal opportunity to build a loyal fan base so that you (or your company) can grow. But success on YouTube doesn't come by itself. We explain here what's important:

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